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Abbath – Brutal Assault, Czech Republic

Oranssi Pazuzu, Brutal Assault – Czech Republic

Taake – Budapest, Hungary

Mayhem – Budapest, Hungary

Gatecreeper – Portland, OR

Power Trip – Berkeley, CA

Watain – Portland, OR

Cult Of Fire – Budapest, Hungary

Tormentor – Budapest, Hungary

Sunn – Bologna, Italy

Devilmaster – Berkeley, CA

Neurosis – Budapest, Hungary

Triptykon – Graz, Austria

High On Fire – Berkeley, CA

Eyehategod – Budapest, Hungary

Author & Punisher – San Francisco, CA

Amenra – Budapest, Hungary/Berlin, Germany

Necrot – Portland, OR

Morbid Angel – Portland, OR

Vitriol – Budapest, Hungary/Berkeley, CA

Horna – Budapest, Hungary

Watain – Budapest, Hungary

Daughters – San Francisco, CA

The Secret – Bologna, Italy

The Idoru – Budapest, Hungary

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